Halldór Helgason

snowboarder, atrip co-owner

"We are running the Special Interest Club as a theme behind the brand. I want to have a different theme every season based on random hobbies and interests. It can be whatever: snowboarding, black metal, eating shrimps, airplanes… I don’t know – it can be any nerdy interest that will lead me to create an Atrip Special Interest Club, and anyone can join!"

Special Interest Club members

Ulrik Badertscher (snowboarder) / Colin Wilson (snowboarder) / Teddy Koo (snowboarder) / Gisli Pálmi (rapper) / Tyler Nixon (porn star) / Stanley Leveille (comedian) / Johannes Brenning (video-maker, coach, comedian) / Java Fernandes (communicator & photographer) / DJ BBQ (Dj, chef)